We kindly ask each participant flying to Cagliari airport, to please notify us with the arrival and departure date and time, in order to help us organize transportation to/from the airport.

Please, write your last minute changes to

Conference buses from Cagliari airport (Sunday, June 7)

  • 15:00 collecting flights EZY2877, FR5426, AZ1581, AZ1564, AZ1563, IG1602, AZ7079, QS1018, AZ1570
  • 18:30 collecting flights AZ1597, EZY1507, LH1972, FR4877, AZ1595
  • Participants arriving earlier or later will be contacted individually and grouped on minivans.

Conference to from Cagliari airport (Friday, June 12)

  • 07:50 serving flights AZ1553, AZ1594
  • 11:45 serving flights EZY3204, AZ1551, AZ1598, AZ1567
  • 13:45 serving flights AZ1562, AZ1555, 19:05, IG1603, FR7749, 20:00, AZ1586, VY6165
  • Participants leaving before or after Friday can inspect the departure chart at the conference to group together and save on taxi fares.

Updated travel directions

Download here.

Davide Ceresoli,
May 27, 2015, 9:01 AM