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Welcome to SagamoreXVIII

I am thankful to be welcoming many familiar faces and many more new ones to the eighteenth conference in the Sagamore series.

Three years ago, during the banquet at Sagamore XVII in Japan I offered to run the next Sagamore meeting and proposed that we might convene on the beautiful lake of Como, close to Milano, in the spirit of one of the fundamental, non written rules of Sagamore meetings – that to be organized in a quiet, pleasant, remote place and possibly on or nearby a lake.

But when the date of 2015 has eventually become certain, I soon realized that we would have clashed against EXPO exhibition, an international event also taking place this year in Milano. Perhaps not so equally important for us, but enormously bigger and surely invasive in all respects. We had clearly to escape from the complete mess of EXPO and meet as far as possible from Milano! Sardinia, a wonderful island of Italy, located in the center of Mediterranean sea, easily reachable from many international airports, was the right place where to go. We had just to replace the lake by the sea, but I’m positive that you will smoothly adapt to this change and that moving from North to South Italy has likely achieved some increase on the average magnitude of the momentum of the water molecules which will surround us between one session and another.

I’m proud of the program that the chairs and the IUCr Charge Spin and Momentum Commission have put together and I deeply thank them for their great efforts. As I warmly thank all our invited speakers, that have kindly and generously agreed to come to give their lecture, despite we have not been able, in general, to support their expenses.

The program nicely mirrors the richness and variety of themes our lively community pursues in concert with a continuous attempt to develop new techniques and to achieve new skills.

I have to confess, instead, that I’m slightly worried about the final meeting schedule - it is probably a bit too dense and this was not my own initial desire, rather it reflects an indication from the Commission. I still think that having plenty of time for informal discussions, in the true spirit of Sagamore, would have been perhaps more desirable. I’m aware, however, that the unpleasant and barely scientific constraint our paying Institutions often make about the need of giving a lecture as a pay off for attending a conference, makes this fattening of meetings an almost unavoidable result.

Despite the large number of talks, we still have an impressive number of posters, about fifty, which will be on display for the full week. I strongly encourage to have a look at them, and talk to the presenters, not only during the two poster sessions. There were scientific sessions, where the number of submitted contributions largely exceeded the number of available slots for oral presentations and, for these sessions, selection as an oral or as a poster presentation has been often a painful, not to say an almost impossible task for their chairs.

This Sagamore meeting will enjoy a very large participation, with as many as 115 attendees and 17 accompanying persons, coming not only from several European countries, but also from Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, Russia and United States. Even if we were very successful in gathering so numerous, we still need to reflect how to survive to changing interests, by remembering the motivations under our past, by analysing the present and discussing how to set the foundations for our future. I’m so extremely glad to Malcom Cooper who has kindly accepted to open this meeting by making all aware of the true scientific spirit of Sagamore and to Claude Lecomte who has kindly agreed to chair a Round Table on the future directions that may be envisaged for our research and series of meetings.

From another perspective, I hope that the planned excursion to the ancient Phoenician town of Nora, to the lovely beach of Tuerredda, along with the tasting of Sardinia’s cuisine you will experience during the congress banquet, may represent a chance to know a little bit more about this beautiful island, despite the intense program of the meeting.

This conference would not be happening without the precious efforts of my colleagues of the Local Organising Committee, which I thank deeply. They have worked hard and in harmony to ensure that arrangements for this meeting are now hopefully all in place. We have purposely avoided any resort to professional event planners, a choice that might have occasionally led to some approximation and problems, of which we apologize for, but that has also enabled us a lot of flexibility in treating so many different situations. We are confident that this has been appreciated by many of you..

Finally, I wish to express my thanks to all sponsors, for their great interest to the meeting, their strong participation and generous help.

I wish you all a fruitful and enjoyable meeting!

On behalf of the Organising Committees

Davide Ceresoli,
May 19, 2015, 4:52 AM