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All posters will be up for the whole duration of the conference. The maximum allowed poster size is A0 portrait: 841(W) mm x 1189(H) mm, i.e. 33.1(W) in x 46.8(H) in.

Springer will kindly offer two special best poster prizes, each one worth of 500 EURO in Springer's books.
A special poster examination commission is currenly being established.

Presenting author
Fabio Beghi
Looking for indirect correlations among charge density and NLO properties: the case of a simple pyridinium tetrazolate
Roberto A. Boto
On the topology of the reduced energy gradient
David Bende
Heteropolar Bonds and a Position-Space Representation of the 8−N Rule
Hosrt Borrmmann
Charge density distribution in RuAl2
Lukas Bucinsky
Topology of electron density and the Fourier transform of electron density of heavy atom compounds. Diphenylmercury and triphenylbismuth
Urzsula Budniak
Caspases: characterization of intermolecular interactions in active site
Davide Ceresoli
Periodic subsystem Density-Functional theory
Federico Dapiaggi
Modelling Halogen Bonding in Protein−Ligand Complexes
Elisabetta del Castillo
Spin asymmetric electronic structure of 3d transition metals on graphene
Slawomir Domagala
Dithiadiazolyl Radicals -  Structures and Charge Densities of their Crystals and Cocrystals
Andreaa Dumitriu
Charge density analysis of alpha-Manganese
Felix Engelhardt
Lithium-Nitrogen Bonds in Lithium Pyrrole Amides
Alessandra Forni
Mapping halogen bonds and other interactions in iodoperfluoroalkylimidazoles: An experimental and theoretical charge density study
Alfonso Gallo Bueno
Electron number probability distributions in crystals
Alfonso Gallo Bueno
Delocalisation measures on model metals at the correlated level
Carlo Gatti
Insights on Spin Polarization through the Spin Density Source Function
Venkatesha Hatwhar
Relationship between Structure and Property in Organic Semiconductors by an Electron Density Analysis
Regine Herbst-Irmer
An Empirical Correction for Thermal Diffuse Scattering
Anna Hoser
Improved thermal motion description for improved density models Towards Dynamic Quantum Crystallography: SHADE3
Alexander Korlyukov
The electronic structure of uranyl and neptunyl carboxylates
Monika Kovacic
Estimation of thermal diffuse scattering from ab-initio lattice-dynamical models
Jozef Kozisek
Different approach in multipole refinement with XD and JANA2006
Lennard Krause
Validation of Charge Density Refinement Strategies
Anna Krawczuk
Role of urea molecule in co-crystals with dicarboxylic acids
Thomas Lippmann
Charge density of La0.5Sr1.5MnO4: First results
Leonardo Lo Presti
Towards the understanding of structure-properties relationships in N,Nb doped TiO2 nanopowders: a multidisciplinary experimental and DFT approach
Victor Luaña
Atoms that bond to C: QTAIM analysis of the electron density and beyond
Victor LuañaPolynomial fitting of stress-strain equations of state  for crystalline materials
Victor LuañaTopological partition of the elastic constants of crystals
Victor LuañaBTDMTTF–TCNQ (C10H8S6+ • C12H4N4-): Topological bonding analysis of a charge transfer crystal
Giovanni Macetti
Understanding self-recognition in the antimalarial drug chloroquine: an experimental and theoretical charge density study
Anna Makal
Experimental Charge Density Analysis for Doxycycline
Benjamin Meyer
Using X-ray Constrained Extremely Localized Molecular Orbitals  in the Theoretical Study of the Biscarbonyl[14]annulene Charge Density
Yulia Nelyubina
Stepping back to go forward: the invariom approach towards intermolecular interactions
Eiji Nishibori
Multiple powder diffraction profiles for charge density study using synchrotron radiation X-ray
Valentin Novikov
Unmasking magnetic anisotropy: single molecular magnet behavior from NMR analysis of spin density distribution
Ahmed Orlando
Decoding conformational polymorphism in a thiazete-1,1-dioxide
David I. Ramirez Palma
Theoretical Study of the Laplacian of the Spin Density in Metal Complexes
Sounak Sarkar
Ratifying the existence of pnicogen bonding from charge density analysis
Ioana Sovago
High Resolution X-ray and Neutron Diffraction Studies on Co-crystals of Chloranilic Acid and Lutidines
Ismat Sumar
Rings-in-Molecules: Aromaticity as a Similarity Distance to the Localization- Delocalization Matrix (LDM) of Benzene
Sajesh Thomas
Electric field in supramolecular host-guest complexes from charge density analysis: insights into vibrational stark effect
Maja Thomsen
Chemical bonding and electron localization in a Ga(I) amide
Anna Vologzhanina
QTAIM and ELI-D studies of multicentred bonding in transition metal complexes with boron-containing cages
Nanna Wahlberg
Experimental Core Deformation of Silicon from Powder X-ray Diffraction
Krzysztof Wozniak
On Precision and Accuracy of X-Ray Results as a Function of Resolution and Electron Density Model